Additional Services

You want to take some time for yourself and relax and be pampered. I offer additional beauty treatments. Maybe there is one for you. My skin care products used are vegan and it is natural cosmetics. The treatments take place at my premises and you are welcome to mark your calendar for a free consultation. If there is no possibility to come by. Can the treatments on request, also take place at your place.

Price list

Cosmetic teeth whitening

  • Classic treatment 79 Euro
  • Deluxe treatment 99 Euro

Cosmetic teeth whitening does not damage the tooth structure, as only a minimal amount of 0.1% hydrogen peroxide is used The result lasts 3-6 months, depending on lifestyle. The whitening can be refreshed regularly. Professional teeth cleaning is recommended before treatment.

Micro needling

  • Face 99 Euro
  • Any additional area (neck, décolleté) 49 Euro
  • Four facial treatments (package) 349 Euro
  • Body areas depending on size from 159 Euro

Micro needling is a non-surgical procedure whose application helps in the treatment of aesthetic skin problems. Here, an electric dermapen equipped with small needles is passed over the problem area of the skin, which allows applied care products to better penetrate the skin and maximize their effectiveness.


  • Face 129 Euro
  • Face + Contouring 139 Euro
  • Face + Contouring 3 Pack 430 Euro
  • Face+ Neck + Décolleté 179 Euro
  • Eye shadow 49 Euro

BB-Glow gives the skin a soft-focus effect, conceals dark circles and makes the skin look firmer and more radiant. 2-3 treatments are recommended to maintain the effect for 6-8 months.

Brow Lifting and Lash Lifting

  • Brow Lifting + Color (lasts up to 8 weeks) 49 Euro
  • Lash Lifting + Color (lasts up to 8 weeks) 59 Euro
  • Kombipaket Brow und Lash Lifting 89 Euro